This is a project that just built by itself. This spring I traveled with a friend of mine, Dan Cotruta, also a photographer, to a small town near Danube, in southern Romania called Dabuleni. While we were taking photos for our journalistic project I started capturing images of other things that seamed interesting and exotic to me. I only used my iPhone for this. After I started posting them on my facebook page with the title “Postcards from Dabuleni” I saw people were interested in what I saw and photographed and I thought this would be a interesting and easy to do project. I managed to travel a lot this spring and summer in different places in Romania and I kept taking pictures and posting them as postcards. The concept itself started to take form. I wasn’t looking for typical tourist attractions and buildings but instead I searched buildings, landscapes, shapes or other things that were of interest to me and that I thought would not be noticed by tourists. All the images are high resolution (web) and you can download them and use as wallpapers. Feel free to use them anyway you like but please notify me at […]

Brasov, 1 Decembrie



„Deconstrucție – sau – Portrete incomplete – titlu temporar și incomplet”

maini si picioare

Un weekend in Brasov

În weekend-ul 5-6 septembrie mi-am propus să văd cum își petrec brașovenii și turiștii weekend-ul.